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Bohemian Flower Printed Sleeveless Chiffon Dress Yellow(With Belt) Product description










Please check themeasurement chart carefully.

Because of differentproducing batches, there may be deviation of 2~3 cm.


100% Brand New / With Belt


Please note that due tolimitations in photography and the inevitable differences in monitorsettings, the colors shown in the photograph may not correspond 100% to thosein the items themselves.



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The Good: It is an elegant tablet with high performance. Also, this product is offered at an affordable price.

The Bad: The tablet has a standard quality of front camera.

The Bottom Line: With less money, you can get a reliable tablet PC to perform various tasks smoothly.

The Review:

Since there are a lot of tablets offered on the market, people might get confused when they have to decide which device is the reliable one. The specifications of the tablet should be the buyer's consideration before purchasing a tablet PC. The budget availability also becomes another thing that needs to be considered. If you are looking for a product with great performance and attractive price, this JSA-730 Android tablet PC would be the right device for you.

There are many reasons why you should select this mobile device as your 'partner' in performing various tasks. The JSA-730 has everything you will need to make your work a lot easier to do. This tablet is supported by Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the recommended Android Operating System today. As you know, most applications, especially gaming apps, require Android 4.0 to run. With the Android 4.0 used for this tablet PC, you can download and install any kind of application on JSA-730 without any problems.

If you plan to use the tablet for gaming, the 512 MB RAM DDR3 will be able to run the game apps smoothly. In fact, the Android 4.0 OS and 512 MB RAM would be the perfect combination to run various applications on the mobile device. You can even install photo editor application and do the editing task using JSA-730 easily. The Boxchip A13, Cortex A8, 1.5 GHz would also improve the performance of this device. You will be able to operate this reliable mobile device easily since it is user-friendly. In addition, this device allows you to select certain language, such as English, Chinese or German.

JSA-730 has a front camera that will add more sensation when performing video chat with your friends. It will make chatting by using Skype more exciting as well. The JSA-730 tablet PC has a standard camera quality. However, it is still able to deliver high quality picture result. It can also capture your picture and share it on many social networking sites. The 3000mA battery capacity will allow you to use this tablet longer. In addition, its 4 GB internal storage can provide enough space to store your data. If you think it is not enough, you can also use 32 GB card to provide more data storage capacity.

The elegant design of the JSA-730 makes this Android tablet PC become a great device for businessmen. In fact, this light weight tablet will support their professional image. Also, this mobile device is slim that makes it easy to carry. It also does not require too much space when you store it into your bag.

Unlike most tablets with similar specification, JSA-730 Android tablet PC is very affordable. You only need to spend $99.99 to get this great item. In fact, with less money, you will be able to get a high quality tablet PC with great performance. Therefore, this mobile device is highly recommended for businessmen and students since it can do many tasks without requiring too much money.

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Friday 1 february 5 01 /02 /Feb 04:36

Up until a few years ago, no one would have imagined that they can have the processing power of a PC right at their finger tips. The tablet PC has become one of the most sought after electronic device needed to suit various requirments. It is not an uncommon sight that students are seen reading ebooks from their tablet PC's to save on the weight of their books. You can now even order food through a tablet in a restaurant.

Since the first tablet PC's first seen in the new millennium  there have been dramatic improvements, such as the iPad and major computer companies were soon manufacturing their own tablet PCs. Now there are tons of tablets out there, and buying one might not be the easiest thing to do especially if you don't exactly know what you're looking for. There is an infinite amount of technical information but to the average customer, this means nothing.MTK-6575-tablet-pc

This is why y-toto is a favorite amongst consumers; because it provides all the useful information on a variety of tablet PC's which although they may not be the well known brand some people look for, they surely do not leave anything to be desired when it comes to functionality.

One of the products we will be reviewing today is MTK 6575 tablet PC running the popular Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It features a 7 inch capacitive touch screen with a high specification glossy finish and boasts a 4GB internal drive space with 512MB DDR3 RAM. The design is minimal and simple, but made from materials which ensure durability for years t come.MTK 6575 7-inch Coppery 3G Android 4.0 Tablet PC with Capacitive Touch Screen

User reviews on y-toto have claimed that the Android operating sstem installed is one of the most efficient and fastest operating systems on a tablet PC ever witnessed so far. Screen transitions are smooth and loading speeds are also swift. The MTK 6575 processor is the backbone of this 7 inch tablet PC and complements well the specifications of the hard drive and RAM. Users were also impressed with the 1024*600 resolution screen and especially praised the video clarity..from both cameras (front and back). The 3G support it offers integrates seamlessly with web based applications to give one of the most exciting internet experiences you will ever witness. Other testimonials reported a high degree of fluidity with regards to the touchscreen and no response lag was reported, which is a common problem typically experienced when playing games.

We have  put this tablet PC through its limits and set all graphical settings to high resolution to scrutinize the battery life. We were simply amazed that this nifty device gave us just under five hours of continuous use without so much as a decrease in performance. Charging time took only about two hours from a USB connection.

The average rating for this tablet PC is around 4.5 stars and four out of five customers are happy with their purchases. Are you still confused? No? Good, then visit and get your hands on this best buy tablet PC for an affordable price of $160. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.



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Tuesday 29 january 2 29 /01 /Jan 07:47

The world is changing every moment of time. For the past decade there has been a rapid development in the field of technology especially in the electronic business. There was a time when black and white screen phones were introduced and now today you can see a touch-screen or Smartphone in every individuals hand along with the latest accessories like headphone for iphone, memory card associated with them. The music industry has developed a lot and so its fans around the world and the most common mean of listening to music today is through the use of earphone.

noodle-style-headset-for-iphone-ipad-ipodToday iphone headphones are in a great demand in the market because of the launch of recent iPhone and iPad. The major advantage of such headphones is their portability. Today these cordless headphones are ruling over the market.  I was really looking for something different. I was personally looking for some bluetooth iphone that appears quite unique and my search finally ended at .  Y-toto is basically an online shopping store where you can find all sorts of unique and top quality products in various segments of electronic gadgets like tablets, Smartphone, touch-screen phones, tablets, laptops and various accessories associated with these gadgets.

noodle-style-headset-for-iphone-ipadFor people like me who are employed in a MNC and after hectic day of job we need to listen to music to get ourselves relax. I bought a pair of SN Mixed Black-Red Bass Expression Noodle Style Headset for iPhone. These are highly portable and stylish bluetooth earpiece for iphone which is quite portable to carry.  These headphone for iphone deliver a great sound performance, provide a great level of comfort and are compatible with almost all the standard electronic gadgets available in the market.  These are high-quality earbuds with noodle-style cable that prevent cables tangling, and the brightly-colored in-ear headphones deliver high-quality bass-driven sound for a fun musical experience. You can connect i-device or other music player through this earphone a user can listen to music or watch a video no matter using an iPod, iPhone, FM radio, MP3, DVD, or PC. This headphone is also included with a microphone so that it helps me to be in touch with my business clients no matter whether I am driving a car or doing some other work. I have also used these headphones for video chatting over the internet and conferencing and believe me they have helped me a lot in my office work by providing highly clear and audible sound.

The major use of using a wireless headphone is to make my conversation private by connecting with my bluetooth for iphone 4 phone especially in the office environment where people are roaming around you these headphones have helped me a lot to keep my conversation secret.

iphone-earphoneApart from of SN Mixed Black-Red Bass Expression Noodle Style Headset  there are numerous other wireless earphones available on .  As I am a business professional this wireless earphone has helped me a lot but there are numerous options available for you too. There is a huge variety of high quality wireless headphones available on Y-toto in various stylish and trendy designs. If you are planning to buy a new wireless headphone, I request you to visit Y-toto at least once.  So I am sure you will surely find something for you no matter what is your age and I assure you all the wireless headphones available here are offered at the lowest market rates.

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As we move through time, we become even more immersed in the digital world. Today, the average person has the following gadgets: A laptop, smartphone and for the tech savvy user, possibly a tablet PC. Over time, these gadgets have become lighter and easier to carry around. They have become our personal companions to the point where none of us want to imagine what would happen if these devices run out of power. 

The external power bank has solved this problem and provides the possibility to bring all of your devices into one hub of electrical power. Accessories like these continuously evolve to keep being useful to us. External power banks have now become portable, light and employ a very stylish design that would compel you to buy them. They can be charged independently in order to provide the right amount of power needed for your devices to run wherever you are.portable-ivory-mobile-power-bank (2)

The variety that these power banks come into may prove to be  confusing for the buyer who does not yet have a particular preference as to which one is required. Thankfully, y.toto has these assorted and explained in the simplest way possible, providing the user with enough information on the important specs to decide on a purchase.portable-ivory-mobile-power-bank (3)

For instance, consider this external power bank. Simple, stylish and elegant, this product is very fashionable and contains a standalone interface which can provide external power for iPhone, iPod, iPad and other gadgets, possibly a digital camera. It can achieve this through its 3000mAh capacity which allows the user to enjoy music, movies and internet surface wherever s/he may be. The Li-ion battery is the muscle which provides this power and can be charged for a relatively short time ( two hours) so that it can provide power to the devices.

The standalone interface of this product can charge the devices in two ways. The first way it 'Protected Mode', where the output power is a reduced 500mAh so that the devices are charged slowly, taking care not to overload them. 'Rapid Mode', is used for larger devices which are power hungry and can be charged up to a capacity of 1Ah.portable-ivory-mobile-power-bank (1)

The iPhone external power provided from this product allows it to be operated for minimum of 10 hours. The cycle life time of this product is as much as 500 times. The design of the external power bank is very simplistic and minimal, but still manages to capture the eye of tech savvy users out there who want a very attractive and portable solution to their power hungry devices.

Solutions also exist for even larger devices, with external power banks providing capacities as high as 6000mAh like X-601 6000mA Stylish Portable Ivory Mobile Power Bank , which comes with over-voltage protection. In a world where we cannot live without our gadgets, power banks have undoubtedly become as essential as the devices themselves. is the only place where you will find an endless selection of these kinds of products with a price that is too good to miss...go on..spoil yourself.



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